La Perle Bleue is the link between art and fashion, we believe that clothing is the best way to express yourself and we want to tell our story through that medium. We believe that everyone deserves to express themselves and that’s why our clothes are inclusive towards anyone. We are a small team dedicated to bringing quality and craftsmanship to every single piece of clothing that leaves our workshop.

Here at La Perle Bleue, we believe that art is a process, this is why innovation is at the center of our design philosophy. We start out by sourcing the best raw material we can come by to make sure that it not only looks but also feels good. We then take it to our workshop and imbed ink into the fabric, which is then hand cut and sewn so that the design is perfect on every piece. Once the production process is done it then goes into a rigorous quality check phase in which every piece of clothing is tested and looked at to make sure that it fits our strict quality requirements. Once we receive your order, we then proceed to pack it in our special capsule jaune box, in it you will find the piece you ordered along with the size chart and a small thank you letter from Scorpio. Finally, it is placed in the bag and ready to be shipped. We hope you will enjoy the art and craftsmanship that we put into the collection and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Values